Friday, July 3, 2009

Post # 100

Today :

I had to go for my class 1-5...1-2 we were supposed to work on our project, 3 was supposed to be a test and 4 was supposed to be our class.
But thats not exactly how it all happened. I was half n hour late as usual..Faizan the Genius wasnt there...Mariam and I were we went out for lunch. On our way back...our honest 'Police wala' caught us cuz we were goin the 'wrong way'...and mariam dint have her driving license...or the other 'gari kay kagzaat' or a real NIC.... But the honest police wala was way too kind to much that he offerd to give us consession on the 'chalaan'.
For about 10 minutes mariam was trying to convince him that the road isnt one way and she actually saw a couple of cars going in the other direction [which obviously she dint see]. THEN he said since we were driving without a license n all we have to pay the chalan...then mariam asked him if he would like to talk to her husband...but sadly none of us had any credit [including the police wala]...and then we giggled for the next 3 minutes...and then he offered us drinks...:\
now wasnt he the kindest the most understanding creature? I dont WHY everyone thinks our traffic police is gay!!:p
....THEN we went back to the class...and guess what? The genius still wasnt there! But Arsalan came just to give us the logo we asked him to make...and he isnt even in our group. AND he offered more help...Faizan finally came 3:30...and then for the next 30 minutes me and mariam were dissing him for being late and making us wait. Then the teacher came and we all refused to give the test cuz we all had our own individual excuses....

Rao : "Miss meri USB kharaab hogai I cudnt read the MCQ's you gave us."
Arsalan : "Miss mai to bhool gaya tha mujhey laga monday ko hai."
Zaid : "what test?"
Mariam : "Miss main aj bohat udaas hoon mari gari ki headlight toot gai mai test nai de sakty."
ME : "Miss Rao ki USB kharaab thi usney nai perha. We'll give the test tomoro."

[Told you im not creative :: for more evidence refer to the title of my post]

So at 4:40 we finally gave the test - went pretty good.
and then till 5:20 me and mariam were telling Faizan to get the work done and glaring at him and surfing the net. So it was fun.

And...its all so weird now. I mean....Its funny....even when everything turns out to be exactly the way you still want more. And its just plain funny. And humans are not meant to be satisfied - ever. Always want everything a lil different from how it actually is.
Half the people are busy not giving a shit and the other half is dying for the other half to give a shit.
And I have a feeling I dont make sense to the reader [I do make complete sense to myself of course, since I know exactly what Im talking about.]

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