Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I feel like me again.

So I was going for a shower but decided to share my feelings with my beloved blog instead. Ive been waiting to feel shitty so I can write and honestly, I CANT write unless Im feeling shitty and hating everything and everyone...know why? CUz Im not really creative.....I cant make a piece of shit sound interesting unless I have someone to ridicule. Yep.
I fucking HATE making tea and if you dont like the tea I make - get your lazy fuck up and make it your own fucking self you fucktard! And FUCK YOU merchant For noticing my ACCENT like IT WASNT CONSCIOUS and FUCK YOU MARIAM [not you mariam] for being around me with thaT Canadian accent and Fuck me for adopting that FUCKING accent and making it sound like the fakest shittiest canadian shit EVER. AND FUCK YOU ABDULLAH [not you dabby <3 ] for being such a fucking stuck up. LIKE GET LAID YOU FUCK - NO ONE CARES!! AND FUCK YOU worldcall youre the most pathetic the most shittiest connection a fuck could use!! and junaid...yeah fuck you too for being so aloof all the time and not fixing firefox. And FUCK YOU BILAL THAT WASNT FUNNY YOU IDIOT - get a fucking dictionary and find out the fucking difference between offence and humor!!
Rida - fuck you too for popping my bubble:(

and fuck YOU for your doubts.

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RidZ said...

The love fuck.