Friday, July 24, 2009

"Do you miss your father?"

WHat kind of a pathetic and sick question is that, you dick?
Like what the hell?
Why do you have to know?
Why is that any of your business?
How is that making a difference in YOUR life?
Why are you curious at all?
Do you ask cuz you feel sorry for me?
Do you ask so can show your sympathy?
Or is it cuz youre so shocked that youre not able to think?

Whatever the proves that youre a stupid fuck! And Ive had some pretty smart people ask me that.

Say...I chop off your leg...would you miss it?
All you stupid shits!


uglyduckling91 said...

Once a guy asked me, "Huwa kya tha?"
Main nay kaha, "Heart attack."
He said, "Aaj kal koi haal nahin hai." And shook his head.

I was like wtfwtfwtf! Lol! Heart attack? Aaj kal koi haal nahin hai?


uzme said...

I know....they try so hard to be all nice n shit. Idiots!