Monday, January 3, 2011

Of love and letters

I got fired.
I think I got fired.
For the first time ^.^
But not quite sure yet since my supervisor happens to be a 13 year old emo boy going trough puberty trapped in the body of a middle aged pedo. Wait. Milo. Cake. Ek minute.

This. Is. Love.

Anyway. I always wanted to get fired. It has been a dream of mine. All my colleagues had been fired at least once. I was the only loser. But No More By the Grace of Allah [teeheee] shall I be the devoted creep who works at the same place for months. No sir. I have been fired last night.
No more Kyani and his puberty.
No more "please send the orders list" and "thank you for the confirmation" bullshit.
Khe Khe. I feel so bad ass.
I love you Milo.

So Why did I get fired? you may ask.
You see, my supervisor had this habit of getting emotionally attached with his employees and he did not hesitate to get involved in you personal matters. Ask Danish. He knows it all.
Me being the regular greedy hag did not entertain his emotional needs immediately. Also I've been doing my own thing in the side leaving me no time to work for Kyani.
So Im like...I'll start work next week...and hes like fine suit yourself...and then I was all....I dont like the orders list today...send me one tomorrow...and hes all...alright....and then Im like....dude...I dont like the instructions I dont think I can get this done...and Then he wrote me a letter which sounded something like the following:

"My sweet darling Uz*sniff*maa....Why are you doing this to me? *SNIFF* what have I done? *sobs* Why are you no longer interested in meeeeee the job? *waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan* Is it because you no longer need me the money? HAVE YOU FOUND A RICH PARTNER? *Gulp* I....*sniff* or may be you suspect the authenticity of this company? *wipes nose* Is it because I this job no longer provides you the satisfaction that will earn you respect in the eyes of your friends or *gulp* God forbid *tears* boyfriends? Anyway, if your'e no longer interested in me the job you may call it quit instead of wasting time any further *slits wrist*"

And Im dare you say boyfriends? I dont even have one T_T
I was seriously offended you see. The italicized words are actually his.
Why the fuck would he discuss my money matters and boyfriends?
Kutta sala bastard.
So Im like pissed off. So I wrote something that sounded like the following:

"My dear Kyani *sigh* Im afraid your suspicion is somewhat true *sigh*. I can no longer wait for you for hours to take decisions regarding orders *closes eyes and sighs*. I dont see how my need for collecting money or boy friends are any of your business and I would really appreciate it if you dont bring up my personal matters again *looks away*. So please for the love of god dont jealous *tears*. I do not find the topics interesting but I hope we can look past out differences and maintain a professional relationship *sniff*"

I havent heard from him since.
khe khe.
Mere pass to itna awesome cake bhi hai kyani ke pass to hai bhi nai.
Why am I such a clown? -.-


Richa said...

Haha. You're funny.
Eat your cake. I have a feeling you're not fired, after all.

quartertoinsane said...

hahahaha.... i resigned and i thought dat was the coolest thing... nw i wanna get fired...

PS: hw do u write painstakingly boring papers?tr

uzme said...

Im not fired after all:\
and...its not that boring insane...I'd rather writer papers than teach or do other office stuff...gets lame:\
At least the topics are new each time in writing..