Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Itni loser hogai hoon.
Moti bhi hogai hoon.
Kuch karne ka dil nai chata.
Motivation hi khatam hogai hai.
Its weird.
I feel Weird.
But no...not like feel-feel.
My brain keeps telling me its all weird and then I try to feel weird.
But...its...I dont know.
Nothings wrong. Everythings fine.
Nothing unusual. Just the usual.
I dont know.
Its not the first time.
But it always comes as a surprise.
I hate how sometimes you can never get used to things that happen so often.
Whole lota emo shit.
I need some brain-storming.
But then again...dil nai chata for anything.
I sound emo. I hate this.
Im trying so hard for any kind of distraction.
Trying hard to interest myself into something.
Anything at all.
Failing miserably.
Tried using people.
Even tried manipulating myself.
I hate this.
Emo shit.
Section A - Section B.
Feels like the end.
It isnt - I know.
It will pass.
But I have to live it to end it.
I hate this.
Im tired of reasoning.
I dont want to.
I dont want to understand anymore.
It is how it is. No reason. No explanation.

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uglyduckling91 said...

But fat is good. ^_^

*shakes bum*