Sunday, August 30, 2009

Raining again, out on the car, like bullets on tin.

Its raining awesomeness here. All dark n gray n gloomy.
It reminds me of...umm...that day we went out in the rain and had pani puri or was it bbq....cant remember. It was so beautiful outside that I avoided food. I avoided FOOD to look at the rain.
Then they went out to get something and I stayed in the backseat of the car....staring outside. Wondering shit. Then we just drove around till it was completely dark.
I was....err....10 I think. Something about that day. Something weird. Something that made me feel complete and sad at the same time. Complete cuz it was perfect. Sad cuz it wasn't true. It wasn't my place there.
I wish this blog were'nt public ryte now. Keeps me from writing.

On a more happier note....umm.....No I dont have anything funny to say. I thought I did but I dont. So. Yea. I'll just leave it to that.

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