Monday, August 10, 2009

Dont Bother.

Im tryna get in the flow...I cant. Trying. Trying hard. Kia hai. I dont like being passive all the time. My day sucked. It was pretty average. Rather Lame.


Me : "Uroozzzz..."

Woji : "zee..?"

Me : "Im bored."

Woji : "hmm.."


Mrs Caleb : "....and if your attendance is not up to 75% we will not only give you a TC, but also inform your father that your daughter has been bunking..."

Me : "Yea...Good luck with that!"

Woji : *awkwardly silent - staring at me not knowing how to react*



The lady I thought was teaching Natural science but wasnt : "......Section A - Section B..."

Me : "Does section A and section B remind you of operations? Like a C section or a body split open on the someones about to perform an operation on someone...take out organs n shit..?"

Afu : *giggle*

Me : "Did it remind you of operations and blood?"

Afu : "No."

Me : "You think Im demented?"

Afu : "Yes."


ME : "Dude...I feel like turnin into some sort of I wana melt to the ground and spread and evaporate into thin air and just like not exist...dude....are you listening?"

Woji : *looking in my eyes and nodding* "Jee bikul sahi keh rahi hain aap...I know exactly what youre talking about and I understand what youre trying to say and I agree. Mai samajh rahi hoon aap kia kehna chah rahi hain. samajh rahi hain aap? I know...I understand what youre talking about. Jee. Bilkul. Sahi kaha."


See how much fun I have in college? Itni excitement nahi handle hoti mujh se.


RidZ said...

Wooj is awesome. Like no other!

uzme said...

She is. And hot..:(

RidZ said...

You said it gurl!