Sunday, August 16, 2009


People are not meant to be trusted [includes friends and family]. Not because they're all out there to get you or want to harm you on purpose, but because you never know what kind of a situation a person will be in and you don't know what choices will the person have and what will be the reaction. That being said - everyone is a sucker when it comes down to emotions.
Just a few of us manage to escape - and when we do - we make sure the rest remain trapped. Why? To manipulate. Why? To make the situation suit our temperament. Why? To feel better [and secretly superior]. But why escape emotions to feel again? This I haven't figured out as yet.
The theory in process is something to do with capturing emotions and ruling them. But. No.

We were discussing desensitization the other day in psychology.

Desensitization :

make somebody less sensitive to fear : to make somebody less responsive to an overwhelming fear by repeated exposure to the feared situation or object, either in natural or artificial circumstances.

My cousin is scared of heights and sharp objects. Another scared of public humiliation. My mummy scared of millipedes. Interesting.

Which reminds me of this beautiful shocking pink dragon millipede which shoots cyanide from its mouth. How cool is THAT? :D

Dont you just love this thing rida?:D

I PAr-TAY-ed yesterday for 8 hours straight. Party-ing for some very odd reason, sobers me down.


uglyduckling91 said...

Whut? ._.

The millipede is AWESOME. :D

RidZ said...

OMG!! This thing is beautiful. Love it =D

I want!

uzme said...

@ duckie - whaa? :s

adn yeah I wants it too....and a python..:D

ms.parker said...

pretty millipede!