Thursday, January 22, 2009

DIE memory card!!

my stupid cell wont get cnnected......Fuck YOU cellphone!! stupid memry card is corrupted:( I love my cellphone and weneva it betrays me i actually feel bad...:s
assness format bi nai hora!!
toads and pens!!!
i WONT connect....

jus took an hour long nap...helpd the heavy head a lil. My pracs on tuesday and i havent done shit paper sucked and now the prac will too....i jus hope i pass. Oh crap.....i had to call urooj to tell her abt the prac n shit.....i dont wana:$ im tired.....i jus wana sit in this chair and faadee got the hint and fixing me salad for diner instead of dal n kebab:D:D
i like her!!
away people on my id annoy the shit outa me....and the list keeps on increasing...i mean if u away...what the fuck are u doin signed in? if u dont wana talk appear the fuck offline....what the hell is away suposed to mean? yea yea sum bla bla xplanation...ima try cnnectin my cell again...
and if it doesnt ima trow it away!!

GOT connected:D aand my memry card wont appear...:s its corrupted....why wud u do that to me memry card? why get corrupted now dat i recently updated you with all those beautiful songs? now that i had so many memrble pic in side? why walk out on me now that im so fuking used to you? why do they always go away?:(:(
*swimming in tears*
*feeling cold and lonely*

i can be such a dramaqueen....i HATE dramaqueens! bloody attention seeking byches who cant take shit n are always looking for sympathy!
im hungry!!!

pens and toads!:@!