Friday, January 23, 2009

i think im getting a heart attack.

I wke up sick after my 5 hr long nap in the afternoon n my heart beat it slow since...:s
here on dis blog....i sound like everyone that i hate....whyner, loner, quitter (tho i secretly think quitting is FINE) and sick....and not very pretty...hahah
i cant get myself to initite a stupid command on the programming shit...i have no idea what im doin wrong. Ive noticed...since i talk so much here i dont talk to my frnds dat much nemore....i ignored kainats call yestrday..:$

people talk ALOT!! i got to college and girls are their loud squeky van the kids wont stop talkin..."sister emily really likes me" whatever BYCH noone cares!! they jus keep on takling n talking...and wen im home my neighbrs (i frgot ow to spell neighbr again...) children.....dey play and they scream.....and head is bursting...all i wana do is slit their throats....THEY JUST WONT STOP TALKING!!
and if that aint enuff we got TEEVEE.....the noice is killing me!!! my head hurts and i feel i start wit the cmplainin again.....whats wrong with me? i never used to cmplain before.
i hate it wen i wake up tired!!:(