Wednesday, January 21, 2009

im hungry:(

im still tired from yesterday, and im bored and hungry...but i dont wana eat!!
its jus soo much of work.....and put it in ur mouth...and chew...and chew...and swallow....and breathe at the same time!!
i dont like breathing....i mean...i dnt have to pay attention to it but like....its annoying!!
and watsup with all these frnds? No i love em....:D
ive jus been out of touch...not completely but not involved like i usually am. I think this is my first non-emo post here....well whtever i have another (secret) blog for that shit now.
that stupid chef on tv is annoying the hell outa me WHY is mom watchin it?:@ hes UGLY...dat dude frm masalA tv who does dis suposedly cool (and serious) dance before startin the show on 'welcome'. Is he retarded? blind? slow? somethings wrong with him!

I dont like my IT teacher...he has a funny accent and doesnt know whow to teach...and i hate all the students...dey soo lame...besides dis frnd i made...cant remember her name...but she was laufin on the lame jokes so i dont know. Everyone found it funny...i mean whats so funny abt:

loser : (asking a cmpletely irrelevant question)
sir: "ya tou apney pehley ye crse kara hua hai ya kisi ney aapko batay hai to ask these questions."

whers the funny part? Plz telle me if u get the joke cuz the thot is annoying!
the whole class is anoying....I dont like my psychology teacher dis yr....she talks to herself - its disturbing!

I have another class tomoro....I dont like waking up once i go to sleep...thers got to be another way to start a day!! I HATE the colleg SUCKS! and i dont have time to fix me lunch in the mornin and i refuse to wake up early to do it. Im hungry...i DONT WANA EAT:@:@ abi tou lunch kara tha phir bhook lagrai hai...yea kia batameezi hai?
oh im gettin alota sypathy frm me mom these days cuz of the tough routine of mine:D I leave at 8 in the mornin n come bak 6 in the evenin so i guess i deserve it!!
My brother bought another game and is goin crazy after it...playing it strait for 7 hrs a day....wen is he gona grow up? the thought that he saw twilight TWICE is disturbing me. Hes like 22...I mean c'mon man!! I cant believ gurls ACTUALLy hav a crush on him...not jus a a serious goin crazy crush!

I dont like doing Othello in me litearature class....its a vulgar play and i have a lota respect for the teacher...there are like 10 diffrent words used for intercorse and every single time the teacher has to tell us what it means....someones tupping something...HAHAH....shakypee (shakespear) must have been a perv!! Im hungry:@ NAI KHANA MUJHEY:@:@

aarrghh the stupid doorbell...I hate it...main nai khol rai:@

My physics teacher reminds me of sir Lenny.....I miss him:( and sir Romen:(
No literautre class tomoro - dunno why im so relievd! its gona be tiring...but gata do it....for the sake of the stupid future that i dont wish to go not looking forward to anything...its so depressing.....if i dont make it big my lifes really gona be a waste!!

Moms calling me for dinner.....nai kHANA:@:@
im hungry:(
im using a lil too many emotions today....I like being busy...keeps my mind frm wadering - at least on the conscious level....a thot or two slips in frm the unconscious every now n den but its avoidable...i hope i get a damn job dis summer.....ima be TWENTY by the end of the month and i dont have a job yet...i dont want a job...i wana study....ugh!