Thursday, January 22, 2009

my jaw hurts!

so fufu says we dont breathe while we swallow.....WHATEVER AFU:P
i jus ate but im still hungry and i dont like dal...i like black dal but BOAHT BURI bani hai. Moms usually good at it but not today....i dnt mind kebab but that aint no food...its an apitizer!! I want proper food:( shez been working all day so i jus ate a lil without sayin nething (besides dat the dal sucked)...i want food....A proper 5crse meal!!

so i finally figured out whats goin on in my IT class....we're doin programming...i suck at it - BIG!
buh i brought the program tday wit me gona practice like hell...i dont like not undrstanding stuff cuz den i dnt know it and my imagination stumbles n i cnt think of anything funny to associate it with which makes the whole shit alot more boring than it is! Oh and my frnds name isnt farah its mariam! shez cute. No i dont have a lesbian crush on her its just that i havnt made a frnd on my in a while...i jus made one frnd in first grade and thru her ppl jus came along. So yeah!

I love my name....but wen i have to tell it like in a crowd or a class its like really funny...there are alota giggles around....buh i dont mind...All you gata do is watch me - look what I can do with my feet - for ev ev ever - for ev ev ever...abeers id is wetfeet forever....HAHAHAHA.....why abeer? WHY?? lol!

im hungry....i wonder what rida ate.....n kainat....n afu....urooj wont be eating for a while cuz of her braces...hahaha! dunno why i find it humor is very in a disturbing way. i wonder if rida gets irritated wen i ask her what she had cuz i like ask her that do u get irritated rida?:p
my eyes are burnin.....let it buuurn - let it buuuurnnn - gata let it buuurn!!
my brains freezing again....the skull all heavy...maybe its the tite bun i make. i wonder if jun reads it...i dnt want him to....keeping me frm writin alota shit.