Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I wrote another piece of bullshit. Whatever. Bla bla with the test.....bla bla my day...bla bla oh how much everything irritates me oh bla bla bla.

For some very odd reason....when a person talks to me he/she expects me to know ever single song and every angraizi movie ever made. WHY? They just keep on asking me whether Ive heard the blah song and if I say yes they move on to another song....its like a loop....UNTIL I say no...I haven't heard THAT....thats when the loop breaks and they just HAVE to talk about THAT particular song.
*Oh you havent heard tHAT song..? are you like serious? Uzma you've gOT to hear that song its just AWSOME*.....same goes for the movie.....
Are you like shitting me? Did I ask your 'dou' rupay ka opinion? Is that suposed to impress me? Are you gay?

I dunno why everyone acts different with me....Im sick of it. They all different with everyone else...but the rules change when it comes to me. *ITS ALL ABOUT ME ME ME....bhench...*
Its almost like I give away this kutta vibe that everyone feels the need to act like a bitch with me.
Whatever bitch!

Then we have these oh-so-cool emo's!
What the hell is emo anyway? Its not even an adjective. Its just a style of music. Like what the fuck is up with THEM?
*oh....nooone understands....go away leave me alone...im in disgrace...I just wana die...But you dont understand...since Im the only one who understands me cuz im the only one on this planet with issues....you will never understand....cuz im so deep and full of shit*
Die bitches!
Why dont you just keep your shit to yourself because no one REALLY understand....In fact nobody wants to understand you know why? BEACAUSE THERE IS NOTHING TO UNDERSTAND DIPSHIT!!


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