Thursday, April 16, 2009

Little Naima ):

....I skipped college today....Im sick *ahem ahem* really I am...stupid fever...:@
But I like thora sa fever the body is all warm n the whole sleepy chars-o-fied feeling....aint that bad.
But I have to get things done....I cant afford to get sick:\
I dont like making the same mistakes again....but Im so tempted:s

Abi tou 5-7 years hain perhai khatam honey main....kitna perhu mai bechari:'(
I hope the CSS shit works out. And I actually like the whole html shit we started...Im actually getting the shit.

I feel....this pathetic feeling....but not that of being pathetic...nevermind.

Mrs. Semen has a 16 yr old daughter her name is Naima....and she calls her *little Naima*....
Poor little Naima...I feel bad for her=(

THIS MY FRIENDS => ): Is an ulta smiley....and I dont like it when people make it like that. I mean.....yeah I wOULD diss but Im REALLY NOT in the mood. Im jus writing for the sake of it actually.

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Wijdan said...

THIS MY FRIENDS => ): Is an ulta smiley

hehehehehe =P