Saturday, April 4, 2009


Yet another breaking news.....This time in Islamabad...I have a feeling Karachi is next.
Now I know no point writing...Im not tryna pretend that I care more than anyone else...we all are equally the point that we are pointing at each other and Ive started noticing this ethnic division now....not very clear but indirectly the *blame-game* HAS begun....not to the extent of a civil war - yet.

I came across many opinions today....regarding the "Halaat-e-Pakistan"...
Mostly people are really mad at 'Pathans'...They think its them carrying out the whole *Holier than thou* routine...some are so pisd that they're going to the extent of calling N.W.F.P and Balochistan a 'burden' on Pakistan and dont mind them cutting them off...I fail to see the logic here since we're not the ones taking care of Balochistan its THEM taking care of us....most of our natural resources are in Balochistan and what do we give them in return? Not much. Hum karachi and Lahore walon key nakhrey khatam hoon tou unki baari aye....Jus cuz they not educated and dont really have a platform to voice their opinion and defend themselves.

Aur Yeh suddenly Pathans itney violent kaisey hogai? They've been a part of us since '47....why the change of mind all of a sudden? And even iF they ARE the pathans gone Psycho...just for the sake of argument....are we suposed to leave the sane innocent women and children to the mercy of those idiot?

*lights went out*

now I dont feel like continuing...
so today I went from being indifferent to awsome to sad to depress to happy to saxay and now back to being indifferent...:s

Dus main kisnu ?
Dus main kisnu haal sunawan?
dus main jawan keere?


Ammi khush tou biwi naraz
Biwi khush tou ammi naraz
Faraz Faraz Faraz Faraz

<3 dabby=D


Wijdan said...

"Aur Yeh suddenly Pathans itney violent kaisey hogai? They've been a part of us since '47....why the change of mind all of a sudden?"

exactly dude. suddenly the pathans are radicals? what about the even more disgusting mullahs in the punjab? what about the balochi non-conformists who just decided to rebel cuz we've decided to exploit them?

and we were on the way to the place yesterday when we heard it on the radio, and i suddenly felt weird. wahan bomb phat rahay hain and he're were gonna spend thousands of rupees for "self-satisfaction". fuck satisfaction. this is shit.

RidZ said...

Pathans =( I am so full of the =(
Who is dabby? =(

uzme said...

@ wijdan...And people are actually believing wont belive the kinda shit opinions i got to hear today....and they dint evn have their facts straight.

@ Rida....dabby is ducky...he told me the faraz shair totally changed my shit mood...yeah i know the joke is lame but it worked:p

RidZ said...