Monday, April 20, 2009


Footnote: Karachi is already feeling the Taliban pinch. Co- educational schools in Defence, Clifton and Saddar areas are known to have received visits and been threatened if they do not change, others have been sent letters with the same message.
- Dawn News,
Sunday, 19 Apr, 2009
By Ardeshir Cowasjee.

suicide bombers were caught at Forum.
- Source - Mariam Hameedi.
[NO I usually dont really believe what I hear from "people" but so far whatever information She has given me is yeah.]


Now Im not gona waste my time preaching the holy shit and the good and the bad and all that crap. People with authority and means just dont give a flying fuck so whatever I or any other person says just spreads Noise pollutions and is a waste of time and energy.
TIME reminds of time checks that we get after every 15 minutes. Of all the nations in the world....The people of our sacred holy land is given a time check...that too after EVERY FIFTEEN MINUTES!!!
Jis kawm kai loag unknown numbers per SMS "fwd" kerkey and MISSED CALL dey ker TIME guzaartey hain UNKO time bataya jata hai after every FIFTEEN minutes!!!
Talk about Irony my friends.


Today our dear beloved Muraad Baba forgot to ring the bell (AGAIN)....the class gets over at 11....But I dint hear the bell till 11:10...Now under normal circumstances I wudnt really protest BUT It was the SEMEN I had to spend the time with...sO I jus told her that we have another class so please spare us from her words of wisdom. And she went all "...Uzma the bell dint people already wasted so much of time...all of you are always disinterested in the class...bwa bwa bwa.."
and then after 2 minutes she got up and left because MURAAD baba wudnt ring the damn bell....Kiu itni immature harkatain kerty hain?

anyway...I love me frnds...I knwo im all bychy with them and say shit about them from time to time....but I really DO like them.

tempo kharab hogaya...cuz I took a lil break after the semen crap....ugh...

I think I should stop being a bych to my friends.....including Rida:p
Really wasnt making up any story babez...:$

...Mustafa people got seperated today......yep....shitness!!!
Poor kids....people are such self-centered pathetic psychotic idiots......I dunno what they want. Papa was so alone, even cried.....its all in pieces....bits and pieces....left for us to pick up.

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