Thursday, April 30, 2009


So where do I begin?
Ryte here I think.....Im in my lame-st of moods and faarig-est of times....So keeping the situation in mind Im going to blog about the gay-est of people.
Ya know the kind who would get himself circumcised just to get sympathy....The one who would sleep with an animal as long as hes considered to be *different*...
Yeah....we all know one of these...who annoys the shit out of us trying hard to be a *good* person...the ultimate Loser noone cares about and yet cant tell him off because we dont want any feelings to get hurt...Why are people so oblivious? so aloof? Oh why can I not personaly go and rip out some their respiratory system out of their throat? Oh why all these boundries?

But whatever....damn....Why does it always end wrong?

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