Tuesday, April 21, 2009

peeyaa-jaay piyaaa-jaaay

So I have a presentation tomoro....My psycho presentation....on some shit topic picked out by the shithead. So Im doin exactly what Im suposed to...not preparing....Im not jus not preparing...im actually doing stupid shit I normaly dont do.
Anyway......I just realized (Ive realized this a million times before but what the heck i'll act like its a brand new feeling)...so yeah I *just* realized how self-centered I am...whenever someone tells me something some shit....I end up making it all about me and how I feel...ya know like say...yeha the most recent example:

ȣ says:
i think i lost my glasses too
ȣ says:
i forgot them at iba
uzma says:
I hate it when I loose my specs...im practicaly blind without em

see....How I made it all about ME.....so yeah...I'll just move on till I realize how selfish I am all over again and then post it dramatically here. Im hungry...FOOD...NOW:@:@

[about the title.....thats the topic Im suposed to do my presentation on...Stages of child development as presented By Piaget - I know stupid ryte!]


BoinG said...
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BoinG said...

Hahahaha it took me a while to understand the title..lol
In spite of not "preparing" as you always say-you were quite original with everything and screw that shit-head for not showing any reaction.She seemed dazed after our presentation ended..haha did you notice that?! LOL

And why the hell do I have to type a stupid word for verification before I post my comment---wtf? Seriously......

uzme said...

i jus saw your comment..:D