Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I had quite a lot in mind but now Im blank...
*whispers*but you're always blank Uzma tell us something new....SHhHh:@
Afefah hung up on me - Bitch!
It wasnt my fault...
She asked me for work on THE PHONE.....I mean....of all the people...ME...SHe called mE to give her the discussion on the damn PHONE...Like thAt was gona happen....so I was being bychy (like I always am...which is completely alryte....cuz everyone expects me to be) asuaul...and I was laughin on her misfortune cuz we had to submit the work the next day...and gues what hapened then? SHE hung up!!
Like wtf?
so now Im not talking to her:p
and I know the bych is reading ...she one of my silent regular readers:p

*SEEMEN of the week*

We got our presentation material back yesterday (and our group got the highest like - wOw)..Anyway...
so she went all..

"You people copied it all from the net...the stuff is good but most of you dont know what you have written. I havent read it properly BUT I know you people copied it off the internet..Dont think I dont know."

What the fuck woman!!!
You dint even read the shit....Kiu basety kerty hain apni khud?:(


I was so close to killing my neighbour's kids today....Only I know the strength (or as the kutta (zardari) would say "strent") it took for me to control myself....the were banging the door...their aunt was sitting with my mom (who was equally disgusted by their presence).....

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Wijdan said...

the bitch is reading. LOL. =P

SEEMEN of the week. LOL. =P

and yeah. lol =P