Friday, May 8, 2009

wana know whats up? MY WEIGHT!!

I eat like a pig....seriously!!
yesterday I had a bowl FULL of porridge(with milk), then an hour later had my lunch..went for my class n had my lunch again at 5:30...then at 7 had a bowl FULL of chickpeas....and then had my dinner.....

I better start exercising I guess...I think the *miracle* of uncle
Haider is wearing off.

I had this really colorful dream....(which was a surprise since I almost never have color dreams mostly its all gray or black...or sepia when my mind is all exited)
wasn't just a colorful dream it was High quality 3D colorful dream with the best graphics...the kind that would put Matrix people to shame - yeah THAT good.
The content of the dream was stupid - yes...but
It was like in a jungle (a lovely green color)....I was being chased by red Indians...(which is weird since I not really scared of red Indians) anyway, so yeah the whole chase game then I take refuge in a building (which is the stupid part
cuz what the fuck is a nice clean modern building doing in the middle of a jungle ryte?) yeah bla bla and then in the end it was me with a bunch of other people on one side and the red Indians on the other....and then they all shoot us with an one person threw around 5 arrows all at the same time....and then it was this slow-mo close up I saw of the arrows in the air (like in the chronicles of Narnia) and then *spoof* everyone was dead....Victory to the warriors!!
It was pretty
awesome...low in content - yes...

My brother dropped mayo all over the keyboard :@:@
Did I mention how old he is??...Hes not that old...only 22 YEARS..yeah...

My mom saw the war in Swat the night before they attacked....she usually has these scary dreams about this kinda stuff...You know whats NOT scary?
disease. Yeah. I dunno WHY people make movies on diseases!!! Stupid cliched shit. Yeah in crap....not even real crap more like baby poop....its not even qualified for shit. Still dont know what Im talking about? Im talking about Quaratine.....The lamest shit Ive seen this week. What was the director thinking? Oh im bored...heres an Idea we'll cast that girl from exorcism of Emily Rose and fool everyone by labeling the movie *scary* when it actually belongs to the genre of SHIT!!
I havent seen a decent movie in a while now. And confessions of a shopoholic is STUPID Sumera...Being the admirer you are of gay-ness since after the whole *twilight* miracle happened to you...I wasnt surprised at all that you liked it:p

Oh-OH..Did I nOt mention that I got 84% in my IT crap whatever shit? Well I did:D
*does the happy monkey dance*

*glides away in vain*


Wijdan said...

and a cucumber sandwich! =D

and lol at sepia.

and LOL at "so yeah bla bla"

and I'm totally going to steal "being the admirer you are of gay-ness". =)

uzme said...

its all yours to steal:p

uglyduckling91 said...

You said shit a lot! >|

uzme said...

PG 18?:$:$