Friday, May 22, 2009

Schezophrenia - lecture 4. [09:50 a.m] By Mrs. Semen Kamar.

Other researches carried out by me indicate that a thing such as "Semen" in human form can be very devestating for the enviornment and the organisms around.
My demented mind is the last place I wana be....The dark, cold, quiet place....the silence far away from peace, the shadow darker than death & the cold which burns the soul.
The sharp edges of the thoughts keeping sanity away, the high iron bars covered with pretense, the dark deep cave, no break in the fall, falling without a brawl,, all the vacuum which surrounds....

The rush of emotions never felt,
the frozen eyes that never melt;
the smell of insecurity, the purity of nothingness..

[thats MY shit - COPYRIGHTS@]

(lots os stupid songs then bla bla..)


ThIS is how I take notes in psychology.

Im just gona post all the drafts in this post...dont have much to say...

So...Why are you sick uzma?
YEah I'll tell you why Im sick...Im sick cuz I hate you and am forced to keep up with your shit every single mother fucking day of my fucked up life and Im sick cuz I hate you and you're so unaware!! [04-07-2009]


So ive been readin blogs.....they all so nice....all abt nice family stuff n cute petty issues like school n looks n that *signficant other*...Its so depressing.
Its not fair!! Dont deserve that all?
its jus not fair...
i dont evn have a good childhood memry....besides me n jun havin secret tea party's...and dats it. All i can think of is shit. I dont know what i did all my life...i dont remember being naughty...All i remember is deaths and after deaths and families breaking up and suicide attempts and..


My lack of stimulation dissapoints me.

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