Saturday, May 23, 2009


My memory card is corrupted - Again.
I loaded it with more shit than it could take,
so it died on the rest
and now Im just sitting here, waiting for a miracle to happen....

Im locked up they wont lemme la la
I know

So I tried to sleep everything away - Failed.


Im almost never so pathetic on a saturday...I love saturdays...This just doesnt feel like it.
Now I could go hang out with my friends...dont feel like it.
Could watch tv....but dont feel like it.
I could go to sleep....but Im not that lucky.

Oh Memory Card;(

Oh treachery!

I thought of writing something funny but I just cant...but I tried - Failed!


Ubaid said...

format it ... your memory card would work ... waisey looks like you have virus on your pc ... warna itni jaldi corrupt nahi hota ....

do you read books ??

uzme said...

No shit Einstein!
I said the memory card is corrupted!
know what that means?
It cannot be read....when you try to do so the device hangs and you have to reboot.

and what do you mean itni jaldi?:\
its like OLD...

and no not much of a reader.

Ubaid said...

ahan... waisey corrupted means that the codes of it messed up which messes up the circutry ...

anywaysss chalo get a new one :) !!

cool ...

have a nice weekend ... and dude chill yaar :)

uglyduckling91 said...

Your memory card is political!

I'm so lame.




Wijdan said...

this right here is the exact difference between pure asshole and pure genius.

uglyduckling would be the genius!


Wijdan said...

and wow I just complimented a guy. how gay am I?

oh that rhymes.

uzme said...

@ Ubaid - whatever:)

@ Dabby - youre the best lame guy I know...<3

@ Wijdan - Its okay...I know youre not:p