Monday, May 18, 2009

har kisi ko nahi milta yahaan pyaar zindagi main *tan dan tan dan TADA*

We got our literature test papers back usually when I say 'I dint study' I mean that I checked out the headings, roughly went thru stuff but dint really read anything...but this time I dint even bother touching the damn book. I got 8 on 20.....MUCH more than I deserved...what are those pity marks? Ive never felt this bad. Mrs. Nadirshah is really generous this year. Even on our assigment EVERYONE got good grades....I was like WTF? Its freakin literature woman!!! We're not suposed to get marks....
Now iF I were in Ms. AMbreen's class I'd definitly get like 12 (which were the highest) cuz she understands the *depth*....but I was expecting Nadirshah to gimme like 3 for all the nonsense I wrote.....but anyway..

I HATE SEMEN....she was wearing this weird bezaar sa lip color was this...tea pink sorta

When I get bored I jus start texting everyone.....ANYONE actually....yeah....just about anyone Rida....*sowwie* this guilt trip that I experience after every say....10 minutes is....nothing new. I dont even care whatever man...Im not a good person and I realize that SO my actions are justified.
But then again....*good-ness* doesnt really exist (This is just my theory - Facts may be different) yeah....theres not such thing as *good*...We just have evil....Degrees of Evil. As long Im on the left side of the scale Im one of the better one's.

Soo....yeah....not much...Jus *chillin*.....Did half my assigment....who cares rite?
I just feel like typing dunno why....Priyanka Chopra has MAN shoulders!! So does Lindsay...and that slut....and Bipasha....Only I have pretty girly seriously...Id look awsome if i wear an off-shoulder dress.

I suck at literature man.....and Im not being modest. I dunno shit about authors and poets...and my general knowledge too is very limited. Lite janey wali hai....but...I dunno WHY Elizabeth Bethory had to be I cant admire her....uhh...:\
I jus wana tyyyyypee....
Bakhuda RIDA, tumhe ho,
har jaga RIDA, tumhe ho...


Im a pervert....but its okay. Im a clean pervert. Everyones a perv. Yep.

"We live in perverted times my friend"
- Fb bumper sticker.

Edward Cullen is GAY - FACT!!

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RidZ said...

Yes you are a perv and hun I know you always msg just about anyone and you are a good person so shut up hojaiye.

Word verfication: kabil. lol =D