Sunday, May 31, 2009

With or without you..

So I finally got my hands on the last 6 episodes of Prison Break.....and guess what?
HE DIEs......Scofield Dies!! WHAT THE HELL??
You cant just kill the hottest character EVER... ugh...
I cant believ it ended like this. WHATEVER!!

So yeah Ive been stupid....oh yes I have....but it was a very well planned stupidity. I'm EviL!! I manipulate situations and people...and no one ever figures it out.....gets quite boring.
No one will ever agree....cuz they will never eh eh...


Im the most awsomely selfish person I know.
Vanity - its interesting.

Gandhi was a perv - Fact.

I never really liked the nude dude anyway (no offence people)....but yeah....wear clothes guys. Like.....ya know...its obscene.
I think guys shudnt even take off their clothes in the shower.....but thats just my opinion.....and Im jus a it like doesnt matter. [No need to get all jazzed up Gandhi admirers....Offence wasnt meant - Its called freedom of speech....the only freedom we have here....well...almost].

Disappointment isnt even half as bad as everyone says it is. Neither is boredom. Whats wrong with boredom? I'll tell you whats wrong with it - Nothing. Nothing is the answer to all the stupid questions. Thats the conclusion. Thats how it all ends. A big Nothing.

Just cuz Im not as bad and pathetic as everyone else doesnt mean Im good...:\
I does everyone else.....its mutual sucking. We're all gona suck our lives away till theres nothing left to suck at.


"..its not just a sketch."


Wijdan said...

let's see how many people notice what I noticed.

uzme said...

no one:p