Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I sneezed my eye-lashes out today:(

So I just realized Im still stuck in my 16's...I feel like I used to back when I was 16...I still think like that....I look hotter - yes....But never mind that..Im assuming one day I'll mature.
So Afefah DID read the blog and now she thinks Im conspiring against her and some bullshit I dont get.....and thanx to her now Mariam (not the IT mariam the college Maraim - whom I love dearly:P) knows the address too...not that I mind:p
BOO you afu!!
I wasnt even serious about it....It was all a joke but obviously youre much too serious and actually dont wana talk so FINE by mE beeech!!!
But I'll prolly smAss her tomoro....since 3 din sai ziada musalmaan musalmaan shudnt fite n shit..:p Lucky you bych!!:p

Im sick.....I mean that in all the possible ways.

So my mom's cozin came the other nyte.....around 11:30....yeha talk about hospitality!!
she went all "array betaa, basan sai mu dhoya karo aapki skin achi ho gi...tumhari ami ki tou skin itni smooth hoti thi mai kia bataaon......"
Acid sai na dho loon mu?
Peechey paray rehtey hain...!!!

And Im HURT Afu!!:@
and Im hugry...
Lite nai gai.....Im streassed....raat mai jae gi...when Im abt to fall asleep.
Im sick....and I jus cant get myself to complete the damn sketch....Its soo frustrating....If dont get it done by tomoro Ima tear it in to small pieces and feed it to Dua (my neighbours kid!)...And Im so damn serious about THAT!!


RidZ said...

HAAHAH!! Loved the last para.

Oooo I love you so much =D

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i'll show you:D