Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Annoying Loag.

Okay so my msn pm is in Latin. It says "momento mori" which means "remember you shall die"
Now I cud've easily written the translation but I dint. I wrote it in a foreign language. Does that make me cool now? Does it? I mean.....ya know with all those annoying french and spanish phrases I see as pm's and fb status.....like....wtf? Write the damn translation man. Who the fuck are you kidding? Just cuz my pm is in Latin doesnt mean I speak Latin. The impression is just as fake as....as....Paris Hilton's breasts. Like....ugh....IT DOESNT MAKE YOU LOOK COOL!


Oh...an old friend called me yestrday. She had a baby girl...:\
It was...weird....

Guys....are....weird species. Not just guys in general. Guys in a serious relationship. What is it that makes them act like a total retard?
This dude my friend is dating....Theyre actually engaged to be married now. But. Hes like the biggest....uh....I cant think of a less disgusting word which comes closer to the meaning of a "ch..." no I dont wana type that...:$
But. Yes. He is one. Hes SO thick! Kuch samajh hi nai ata charye ko [no charya wasnt the word I meant to type earlier with the initials "ch.."]. He's...like....we're suposed to go for iftari today...and she took permission from him.....WHY does a girl have to take permission from the guy in the first place? What. The. Fuck? Its so frustrating!!!
So yeah he was cool with it and now....just 2 hours pehley hes telling her not to go cuz he got off from work. Again. What. The. Fuck?
Dil chata hai Acid dal doon us per. Selfish Idiot. And he's like much worse. I dint write down the whole thing so you may not be as disgusted as I am. But. Ugh. I really dont get it.