Sunday, August 29, 2010


ehe...okay...I cant stop giggling.
And its very stupid...its just that...Im lacking excitement in my life.
So this dude right....a friend. He's been ignoring me. Well...not ignore just...not giving me extra attention. I know I know. Its stupid. Just. Look thats the best I got alright. Nothing else has been going on. SO yea... I started ignoring him...and my ignorance is noticeable. See...If i send you a msg two times in a row and I dont get a response, thats a strike. Anyway, Im giggling cuz I got his sorry ass msg on fb "whats wrong? Ive been calling. Expected you to get back. You never did. What going on? bla ba bla ba bla". Ehehehehehe. Told you it was stupid. I can be so immature at times. Yes, I need a life.
I can be such an attention whore at times [Youre not supposed to agree].

Post achi nai hai bhui.