Sunday, August 8, 2010

Skip this one. I sound like one of them.

I suck. I cant decide whether I wana go tomorrow or not. Its this boating thingie thing. I dont feel like going. I dont feel like making no stupid dessert. I dont wana wake up early. I dont wana work. Why are people still following my other blog? Its so gay. I dont want to bathe in the morning. I dont want to go. I dont want to answer any stupid questions. I wana puke. I wana eat something. I hate pai. Why are guys so disgusting? They make me sick. Weird loag. I feel weird. Stupid rain. Ive been feeling weird since Saturday. And then I saw this gay lesbian make out thing yesterday which made me more sick. Ive been wanting to puke since last night. And this pai. Ugh...the smell is suicidal. I have to finish six pages by tomorow. I dont want to go. I dont want to make anything. Kia hai bhui. Why do I get stuck in weird situations all the time. Why are my mood swings to annoying. I hate mood swings. Im not a lesbian. I wana have Donalds. I dont want to iron. I hate duppattas and shalwars. Weird things. I dont want to go. I dont like wearing shalwars and dupattas. Ajeeb things. I hate listening to stupid relationship issues. Stupid shallow things. I hate people who restrict their things. Gay self-centered loag. Like theyre the special ones. Like whatever. None of us are. I hate mediocrity. Bus Im not going. Jo bhi. Meri marzi. Why am I still existing. When I grow up, I want to be the smoke coming out of your cigarette. And in case youre wondering, yes its that time.


Anonymous said...

Do you even understand love?

uzme said...

Go away <_<