Monday, August 30, 2010

Tuesday - The new Monday.

Its 6.38 am. Ive been up all night trying to sleep. Third night this month. Its getting worse.
Insomnia sucks. I dont want it. Its painful and depressing. And you know what the worst part is? When youre hopeful that there are still a couple of hours left for the the sun to rise and youre trying to sleep and suddenly you start hearing the birds chirping outside. And then you try harder but its too late and the dim light starts entering your room. When the room is all blue - thats the most beautiful and the most depressing part.
Im just gona drag myself to work now, make it through the day, take my mums sleeping pill at night and waste whatever it left of my shitty brain that just wont stop. Pata nai kia masla hai. If I get asked "kia sochti rehti ho" one more time Im gona smash my head with a hammer real hard. Of course I dont literally mean that. Its painful. I dont exactly wana die before eid. Ive got plans. May be after that. Im hungry and tired. is gona suck today.
Im hungry. Someone fix me something yaaaar kiaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaai yaaaaaaaaaaar neeeeend kiuu nai aaatii........kiaaaaa gaay panaa haaaaai....Im tired of not being able to sleep. Its like a luxury I cannot afford. Stupid pata nai kia crap chalta rehta hai dimag mai idiot fazul ka shit pana bhook lagrai hai naaaa *real tears*


Anonymous said...

i could relate to your possst SO well!!! its not even close to being funny.
I'll just go through the rest of your blog..hope u have a good day at work...and ur able to sleep when ur back home today.

quartertoinsane said...

hav u tried fasting... it helps wid da sleep... n if dat dosent work make a trade wid me...

Amara said...

Take a long bath with the water constantly running on your head and plot to kill someone you really hate with utmost satisfaction. Don't know about you but it sure does work for me *shrugs*