Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mubarak to you, your family, and your puppy.

Bhui Dekho.
I dont fast.
Theek hai?
And I dont even have a reason.
I just dont.
I subconsciously blame my mum but you can never get me to accept it publicly.
You see, I used to be young. So I dint fast.
Then I grew up but I used to go to school so I was like...may be when Im older.
I got older and developed weird blood pressure bullshit things. Ya know when girls faint when they dont drink water or starve or whatever...yeah that has happened to me a number of times so my mum wouldn't let me fast.
But I dont really have a reason to not fast now. I just dont want to. Meri marzi:\
But of course its not as cute anymore.
Now I could present a hundred arguments here proving how its OKAY if I dont fast because people who fast act like jack asses yada shit and so what if I dont fast, at least I [insert something that I do better than the rozay daar people] but thats like...stupid. I grew out of it. I dont even feel bad anymore. I dont fast. I dont pray. I think God is messed up. And Im not ashamed [or proud] of it.
But anyway.
The only thing I like about ramzan is that I usually have five meals a day and get to watch tv for good 2-3 hours without any disturbances when everyone else is busy with their taravies. Also shopping but we're like poor now so I dont think thats happening. I havent done any real shopping for almost three years now. This is my third year. But its okay.
I know I sound shallow but Im trying really hard to stay away from the political/ethical/social crap.
Donalds yaad ara hai=[
Now that its ramzan, does that mean that I cant listen to music or eat at work?
Thats not fun. I like to party in ramzan. Dont hate me, but I usually do.
I eat all day, watch tv, and buy things I dont need.
Mom, you've created a shallow self-centered bitch. Fail.
Please no hate messages because you dont know where Im coming from. hate messages because "nobody understands me"
Finally. That sentence fits.


quartertoinsane said...

n a ramadan mubarak to you too

Anonymous said...

ramdan mubarak to you too :)

PS. i just finished a biography on myself, would love to have you read it

Ali said...

where do you work waisay?

uzme said... want the address?

Ali said...

no no as in the company/organization...

uzme said...

I work for Trump Papers.

Falaxy said...

how old are you?

uzme said...

How old do I sound?