Saturday, August 21, 2010


I feel stupid and lonely and bored.
I dont like not having work. Reminds me how empty I am.
I went shopping...Ive spent 17,000 on just clothes.
And now I feel not so good.
But I dont like to get in touch with that part of myself.
It is how it is, no need to look deeper.
Things are simpler on the surface.

Anyway, do you live in Pakistan?
Do you just happen to live in Karachi?
Heard about the flood?
Seen those annoying students asking for "chanda" for the people affected by the flood?
Yea, I wana lynch those stupid spoiled sacks of shit.
I mean...I was like Anum and I went to buy us a subway at around 3 and it was closed. So I thought may be the zamzama branch is open so we went all the way to zamzama from teen talwaar, alone. And that was closed too. So Im like really pissed and hungry and this bitch comes up to me, with her stupid gucci bag, and that stupid hair style and shes all "please donate for the something something"....okay I just lost interest in the story.

I dont want to talk about it, it makes me feel helpless.
I hate lame posts after funny posts. Kinda kills it.
Ive been not doing anything for the past two hours.
So, how you been?
I want to go to a university.
A good one.
Kia bhui lame post=[


Roshni said...

Ramadhan Routine... and the quiet desperation and helplessness as far as the flood is concerned.... -sigh- ....kee kariye yaara =/ ....mmm halal subway tho....17000 is alot? many outfits y0?

poisson said...

Helplessness? Desperation? You can spend 17000 rupeees on clothes but cant help people dying from the floods cause youre HELPLESS? Is this how all of the pakistanis have started to think now. you were hungry but have you thought about those starving to death? If you can afford 17000 on clothes you can afford to donate a thousand bucks to the flood effectees.

uzme said...

> Roshni > I got 10 suits and a kurta. 4 of them suck so I wont be wearing those.

> poisson >

quartertoinsane said...

c'mon... u could have atleast bought something u'd like... n wid u on the lynching thng... i HATE it

@poisson: get a life... v earn our dough, v dnt maul out our parents money... donate something whn u earn it urself...

Rubab said...

Poisson: I got a few questions for you. Do you stop eating everytime a begger comes to you and wails how his family has nothing to eat? Or do you stop taking medicines for an illness only cuz some destitute comes to you asking for money cuz his mother is unwell or his sister needs an operation? Or do you start sleeping outside your house everytime you pass a homeless sleeping at the side of the road?

There's only so much that anyone can do and sympathise for. And you have no right to point fingers at anyone when you're no better than the rest of these 'pakistanis' you're so pathetically talking about. Shame on you.

And a word of advice which I'm sure you must already be obeying: don't buy new clothes for eid, or better, don't celebrate eid at all cuz the flood victims won't be doing that either.