Saturday, August 14, 2010

Its 3:11 a.m.

I almost forgot what it was like to bathe after midnight.
Its been so long.
Stupid work got me so busy that I had to cut my bathing time from 75 minutes down to thirty.
Anyway....I finally got a chance after like months.
Theres something about taking a bath after midnight.
It turns me on like a thirteen year old boy watching porn for the first time.
And I mean that in the most elegant of ways.
Totally love my new shampoo, its so baby like. Only it doesn't cry or poop, which makes it so much better than a real baby.
It was amazing...until my mom started banging the door thinking I got a fit inside the bathroom.
Is it just me or the after iftar time really romantic?
Its so peaceful.
Pata nai.
Oh...and now that its 3:00 am, Im thinking of fasting.
Its almost sehri I might as well give it a shot.
Well, honestly, I just want to fast cuz its Sunday and the maid wont be coming and I have like 3000 words to write on a very dry topic. So if I fast Im gona get all the awesome treatment [its always a big deal when I fast] and no one will disturb me allowing me to work all day.
Yes, I might just fast.
Its sad how I, with all my sexy assets, talk to my blog like a lonely fucker.


Anonymous said...

Damn woman! i'm totally in awe of your daily non-linear narrative.

ps, am i allowed to post 'naughty' innuendos 'cos this post of urs is really begging for some ;)

uzme said...


Anonymous said...

Ouch! I think I just took the wrong exit! anyway back onto the highway?

quartertoinsane said...

which shampoo is sooo like a baby?

n good luck wid da fast... n 1 question... did u have ur roza-khushai yet?

Roshni said...

yea...which shampoo yo? ..I think Im balding =/ ...abhi meri shaadi bhi ni hui -sobs-

uzme said...

Its Dove - frizz control therapy.

and prairie dude - yea wrong exit=p

Insane - no i dint have an official roza-khushai yet:\

Xeb said...

We all talk to our blog like a lonely fucker. And maybe its sad. But think about all the lonely fuckers with no blog to talk to. Methinks they're so much sadder. Na? :P

uzme said...

I guess...but that doesnt make me any less of a loser:\

Rubab said...
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Rubab said...

Tell us how your fast went ^-^

Falaxy said...
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Falaxy said...

call me a prude, but iftaar and romantic in the same sentence?
that was a little disturbing...