Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Im listening to Savage Garden.
I must be in love with Justin Bieber.
I feel like getting married since Sunday.
Aesey hi. For a change.
Middlesex is a weird name for a university.
We couldn't go boating.
So we went bowling instead.
Maza aya.
I knew I loved you before I met you.
I have a new crush. The one before was a more casual one. This is a bit more intense. Just a wee bit.
Only hes older than I am...at least fifteen years. But I dont mind.
I think I have something here.
I mean...ya know since I'm all okay looking n stuff.
He wouldn't mind either.
The only problem is going to be my mum.
But its pretty easy to confuse her.
Why would they name is Middlesex?
And when the stars are shinning brightly in the velvet sky.
I want to get married but I dont.
Until the sky falls down on me.
Hes like a mixture of Robert Downey Jr. and Javier Bardem.
Kiaw Yawr.
Im saying yes if he proposes.
I dont care if he expires five years later.


The Me. said...

I like Robert Downey Jr.
And, I've often thought the same thing about Middlesex. =\

quartertoinsane said...

nice determination...

Anonymous said...

haha, itni bhi jaldi mat karo yaar :P

Mackers said...

Damn, lucky buddha. Uncle Ji has done well. Gives me inspiration for when I am his age :P

Aur, yaar middlesex is the name of the county the university is from in the U.K. They didn't wake up one day and decide, we have to have sex as part of the name of our university, I got it, Middlesex *snicker* *snicker*

uzme said...

I dont want be called a Middlesex-er

Mackers said...

Standards ka problem hai? You would only be a uppersex-er ? :P

uzme said...


Falaxy said...

lol : )