Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And the United States of America shall save us all.

I used to be awesome.
Then I grew up.
So Im not as awesome.
I dont know me anymore.
Im trying too hard.
But a little part of that extreme awesomeness is still alive in me somewhere.
Blogger is working again.
Im tempted to talk about work but I dont want to.
I have my own bank account now.
Rumor has it that Im fooling around at work. Which Im not. work talk uzma, get a life.
People are stupid.

So I was reading this book on American history and it turns out that America is actually Captain Planet trying to save the world from Mojo jojo.
You guys should totally read their course books.

I personally was not offended by Everybody Draw Muhammad Day or south park.
Yes, Im a Muslim.
Should I explain why?
Well, I dont feel like so doesnt matter.
We, the Holy Muslims, are the most pompous, the most arrogant of species. Next to Zionists and Jews of course.
We, the Paki's, as a nation, desperately need a life.

And no, Im not writing all this cuz Im missing facebook. I honestly dont miss it. Usually people use fb to stalk other people. There are only three people on this planet that I would stalk. Im no longer interested in the first one, second I dont want to, and the third Im not supposed to. And the bonus fourth is not there on fb. Heh.

I have to wake up early so yea....Nyte.

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