Sunday, May 16, 2010

I got homework to do:[

I got work to do on Sunday. I don't have to but I probably should cuz the order is due tomorrow and its on Management and I kinda suck at it. He says 'You decide. I need it by tomorrow evening' so yea...that's like a code for 'you're super slow so get started princess' and that's exactly what I'm gona do. Sigh.
Management does not interest me.
But he's out of my league:\

You know how most people bite their nails when they're tense n all...? Yea my cousin used to eat her thumb instead. She stopped about a year back but it still looks fucked up. Shes funny.
I did a research paper on South Park dealing with Censorship and Islam and I came across some weird stuff. Too bad I'm in no mood to discuss it. Its just that i spent six hours doing it so it kind of loses its charm you see...
Anyway...they be celebrating 'Everybody draw Muhammad day' on the 20th of May. No I'm not asking anyone to do anything just saying its gona happen. The cartoonist who came up with an idea has posted an apology on her blog [] and dint set up any page on fb. And the site on which the threat was posted claims it was not a threat but a prediction []. Yada yada I really dont care. We seriously need to stop paying attention to all this bullshit you know. There are bigger issues in the world.

I wants:

2 Chocolate glazed donuts
Caramel Blizzard [cold coffee]
2GB Memory Card [Yes, still]
A bigger bag
Better health
Stable mind
a lil Sunshine
and caramel chocolate cookies

....for now.

P.S. I'd pick caramel over chocolate any given day.

Also, I made zero citation mistakes on Friday ^.^

Good girl Uzma.

*draws a happy star on left cheek*



Roshni said...

I got my assignment back a few days ago and massive marks taken off 'cuz of screwed referencing. =(
I want donuts too.
Good luck with the management thing.

uzme said...

It sucked=[

s3ayA said...

u should be selective ov wat u take or da fun might DIE...

AJ said...

awesome list u have there..