Saturday, May 29, 2010


So there I was...on the verge of love.....and turns out that he's not only married, but has fathered a two year old son.
A classic elle-O-elle moment I tell you. Couldnt stop laughing at myself. But baby when its love if it aint rough it isnt fun. Yeah?
Anyway its weekend. The whole meaning of weekend has changed over the past month.
Weekends used to be about partying and fooling around and eating and watching all the movies you can in one night....But no more.
Now weekends are all about catching up on sleep. Yep. Its all about getting your sleep.
The world is changing.
I havent partied in almost three weeks now. I feel....old.
Not mature.....just old.
Why isnt amour here in karachi yet?
I mean....whatever biatch....not like we'll die without your stupid ice cream.
I wana watch a movie.
But it just seems like a waste of time now. I can totally use that time to sleep. Or breathe.
This stupid shit wont download.....gaaah....

And I shall live...


The Me. said...

I dont really like omore. You ain't missing out on much =p .

uzme said...

I thought it was supposed to be divine or something...:\

Anyway...How be YOU?:D