Friday, May 7, 2010

epic yaYy-ness ^.^

I got a job ^.^
and a crush ^.^
Hes the most sophisticated dude Ive ever met. Hot voice, awesome body language, and he's creative n intelligent n all that. Also he's my supervisor:/
Im not gona like being criticized by him.
But fuck that. I GOT A JOB ^.^

Rida is getting married tomorrow:O
I dont have anything to wear:O
British Counsel's test was stupid. They gave us thirty minutes to complete a ten minutes test. I'll prolly get that job too ^.^
After being dead for almost a year...Im alive again.
Finally looking forward to waking up.
*drowns in tears of joy*
Im in love again:D


uglyduckling91 said...

Congratulations. :D
KONSI JOB? And in love again? When were you in love the last time? You never told me. :O

mao said...

oooh so cool. tell us more about the job. what you do for them?

Roshni said...

Yipeee! well done dudette.

AJ said...

Congratulations. Keep it up. :)