Monday, May 17, 2010


Not a good day.
I had to do a paper on Peter F. Drucker and I kept reading it Peter Frucker for some reason.
I left it incomplete. Its on Management for Heaven's sake. I mean...c'mon.
But I dint just leave it...I have to get it done by tomorrow. I mean now. I dont want to go back and continue Business and Management. My brain wont work.
And I totally missed having that gay conversation I have with him everyday...

O : Did you mail it?

Me : Yes.

O : No, thats the wrong file.

Me : Oh....*mails again*
Did you get it?

O : Yes.

*after a few seconds*

O : Uzma.....No..

Me : no..?

O : No.

Me : Okay...


I dont do business and management..........okay?

Oh and while you're out there deleting me n shit....might as well stop reading my blog. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Aww, that sounds too much rude and a kind of boring life, i thought your job life will go good, still dont worry, it will get better but will take a little time =)

Roshni said...

lol you're being too hard on yourself.. just.. clear your head and go for it dude!