Monday, May 31, 2010

Finally a post triggered by some emotion. Princess Naivete of Awesomeville needs to get out of her happy bubble of innocence and accept the fact that shes a fuckin' hypocrite.
Here I am feeling bad for someone else's stupidity and there she is collecting crowns of wisdom in her Awesomeville.
You know what......everybody is an ass in some way or another. There are no exceptions. The only thing differentiating one from another is the percept. I clearly have had the wrong one.
I dont ever want to be involved in anything no matter what. Ever.
Just leave. Me. Be.
Take your gay ass fucks somewhere else.
Dont notice me. Dont talk to me. Dont ask for my opinion. And please dont [pretend to] worry about my feelings.

I cant do this right now. Have to work.

If only everyone I know would stand in a cue on my birthday and allow me to sab keh do to them. It wont be anything less than the experience of self actualization.

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s3ayA said...

nice idea... i'll try the sab keh do thing next year...