Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Work, my loves, is not college. You cant skip it just cuz you feel like it.
You need an excuse. A good a heart attack or a death.
And Wijdan it was just a typo. You dint have to embarras me like that. Bugged me all day.
Anyway...I suck.
Im not a good writer.
Its been three days and Im still fucking around with the citations.
And Im not a good writer.
I can type alright. I can type all the bullshit in the world like I am now. But I cant write.
Know whats my speed? I just do two pages a day. And day means five hours. That too have to be corrected later for the citations.
Today I did five pages in seven hours. It was a research paper on the Impact of Gender in Negotiation.
I really cant write.
Omer, my employer, whom I had a crush on for like a whole weekend, has to keep up with my bullshit all day.
My corky smile just doesnt cut it anymore.
I cant write and I demand a written apology from everyone who said I could.

Oh and my office people are aliens. They dont eat. They just drink pepsi and tea all day and keep staring at their laptops. And thats exactly what I do. Except I dont do tea and I already consume a lot of coke. So I drink water all day and chew gum and try to write and I fail.

But its Fun ^.^
I get to research crap.
And I'll get paid.
Please dont get the impression that I was complaining. Just writing down about work.
Im Lovin' it ^.^


Roshni said...

impact of gender in negotiation...sounds interesting enough. what'd you find? :p

s3ayA said...

ur job sounds fun... read n write... n get paid 4 it.. its lyk awesome... congrats on da cool job

uzme said...

> Roshni > Its not. Trust me its not. My paper got caught for plagiarism cuz I dint cite it properly=[

> s3ayA > It IS awesome ^.^