Tuesday, June 15, 2010

6 pounds yawr=[

Yaar....dekho....its....never mind.

My arm hurts.
I like coke studio=[
Too many people like it on fb so I cant=[
Its this thing I have with popular stuff...
But anyway...

Remember how I always get sick after having KFC?
Well....of course you dont.
Its Okay <3

Remember how kfc was the shit in the late 90's?
Remember how rumors about kfc chicken started in 2000 and were at the peak in 2001..?
I heard my first 'kfc is haram' story on September 11, 2001 at 8:00 p.m. I remember the day because while people around me were discussing kfc, I was having McDonalds and watching World Trade Center crumble down. I actually had fun that evening. I mean with all due respect to the 9/11 whatever blah shit. Look....Im not going to pretend that I care...cuz I really dont...there have been events far worse so lets just cut the crap. Back to kfc..
The story was something like...before cutting the chicken...kfc people inject it with some chemical which makes the chicken grow two/three extra legs [L-O-L I know]. Then the chicken fur is pulled and the chicken goes straight in to the whatever machine they have. So their chicken is haram. And I was like....I dont care:\

Im talking about this because I recently did a paper on marketing for Kooky Canuck Burgers. They look so awesome....6 pounds ka ek burger...=[
So yea...so I searched food chain restaurants yada shit yea and I came across KFC...and turns out that it was shut down in India because it had a high amount of Monosodium gultamate [MSG]. And that story was turned into the kfc is haram story in Pakistan...A classic example of....um...of...whats that game we used to play..? Where you whisper something in someones ear and the word is passed and the end result is something retarded? Yea That.

I could've totally slept instead of wasting my time online.

P.S. Is it just me or the kfc uncle totally looks like a child molester?


quartertoinsane said...

da game is called chinese whispers...

n da kfc shit is wrong, it was closed cause dey served actual chicken!!!... i knw dat cause well i heard it 4m a reliable source....

n i'd say da kfc guy looks like a gay raper...

The Me. said...

I have the same thing with popular stuff! =o

uzme said...

> Quarter to insane > dude....i did a 1925 word long research on it...I think I got the thing right:p

and yes...gay rapper...very creative I must say ^.^

> The Me. > I KNOW:O