Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You're not funny. Bus Chup.

I have this friend whose sense of humor annoys the life out of me.
And every time I try to tell her that her sense of humor is a bit too extreme, I end up offending her...cuz she says she learned all the slang from me.
I dont see how cuz the only bad words I ever used were 'fuck' 'shit' 'damn' 'dick head' and 'bhen...' [just bhen...thats it...nothing after that...I never said the full thing till 2009].
Now I fail to see the contribution of these words to her abusing in hardcore Urdu saying everything from R... to L... and telling fucked up sex jokes.

Its not like I have double standards that abusing in english is alright and not in urdu...
Well...actually....I do have double standards.
Its just more offensive in urdu.

And...why do you have to curse in detail anyway...?
Why isnt 'fuck off' good enough anymore?
Why do you have to define what kind of fuck?
I mean....fuck itself should be able to satisfy you yea?
Why do you have to locate the fuck and then comment..?:\
Its just...fucked up.

And I hate forward text messages. They're not funny.

.....I dont like it when they say I taught them slang cuz I dint.
My slang is very innocent and clean.
Yours is sick.
Mine is an involuntary response.
Yous is an organized offense.
My slang is Che Guevara's retaliation.
Your slang is Johnson's attack on Vietnam.

Your pathetic slang can never be a by product of my slang.
No sir.

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