Thursday, June 17, 2010

It wont go away.
It just wont go away.

Here I was thinking...may be it's all different now...things change n all...
well...not quite.
I mean...form change, substance remain.
Because nothing can be undone.
If its done, its done. And that is why apologies are gay.
Unless you can undo the shit, shut up.
But not that....I'm talking about emotions here.
Once you develop a stays. At least with me.
Its still there. Hatred. Anger. Disrespect. Its all there. Just resting at the bottom.

Can I confess something and get away with it?
No, I cant. No one can.
It you want to keep a secret, make sure no one knows it.
No one at all.

I don't want to die with so many secrets.
But...think of all the destruction it will cause.
Oh man....Sometimes I feel like telling everyone everything...but then Im like...bleh..who cares?
And Im right. No one really cares. Cuz..see...if I dont care about someone can I expect someone else to give a shit?
Im so gona die with secrets.


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