Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kia bhui=[

Dreams about the boss. About religion. About random people. About not very random people. My are becoming really gay and uninteresting as I grow old. I havent had an adventurous dream in ages. I dont wana dream these gay dreams.

I forgot to wish Rida last night. I hate forgetting her birthday. But technically, technically I didn't forget. I mean I wished her today....and its still her birthday was lame one waise. Just a gay emotionless text. But its okay. She has many peopel to make it special for her and she had a blast...*insert a genuine smile but not the creepy msn one*

Summer of 69 was not about the year 69 but the sex position cuz Bryan Adams had a thing for it. Why the hell is the font all small now? Anyway Im too lazy to change so whatever. Danish said Im too pretty to end up being the lady with cats and that somehow didn't make me feel better. It should have. I never get that kind of compliment. But fuck that. Imma be taking them pics. Looking all fly n shit. Imma be the fly-est shit. So fly.

I need some direction in life. First, not going to work was a routine. Now going to work is. I dont feel the difference. Why did dawn news switch to Urdu? That dude who used to read the sports news was so hot. I wanted to hug Ronaldo yesterday cuz he was so sad after losing the match. Spain's keeper is the hotness in town. And I dint mean any of that. Im as passive as a potato right now. Cut me in two and get away with it.

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Roshni said...

almost all spanish players are hot.. fernandooo =0 ..This worldcup's been a bore..apart from the por-jap match..mehhh