Saturday, June 26, 2010

waan waan boo hoo

Im getting that weird sickness again.
Pata nai kia masla hai.
I cant concentrate on anything now.
I get sick when theres something bugging me emotionally. But I usually dont acknowledge such bullshit so it turns into a physical sickness. I dont like me. Stupid attention seeker. Fazul ka gay-pana.
Koi available hi nai hai.
Suddenly everyone has a life.
koi movies bhi nai hain to watch.
Its saturday hai yaar...what will I do?=[
Im tired. And I want to beat the crap out of someone. Not just anyone, someone in particular. But Im too tired to do that.
I want to go to a university. Stupid result hi nai ara.
Stupid gay system.
Ajeeb loag hain.
Sab rott karain gey like that dead kawwa I saw on the street.
God sooo didn't have to create us.
I he bored or what?
Just....ya know...he just really didn't have to.
he's God...Im sure there were other ways to do whatever it is he has in mind.
You know...hes like GOD. Mutlab....I bet he had other options.
Just saying...
Creating the world and humans was not all that necessary.
And shaitan is like...this jack ass. Why did he have to take his challenge?
Or whatever the story is....just...Creation was not exactly a very good idea.
Extinct kardo already yaar.....Im done.
Everyone else is wasting time too.
What is the point anyway?
Heaven or hell?
Or telling shaitan "ha-ha"?
Or are we just a reality show?
No, my life is not fucked...not more than usual.
But seriously...Why?

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Roshni said...

"extint kar do already" hahahahahahahaha..oh-em-jee... funniest shit ever... or Im just high on soda... either ways... =P