Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Okay...so heres the thing...Not everyone should be allowed to make babies.
Its just...wrong.
Before mating...couples should be given a test and should not be allowed to have children unless they score at least 70 percent.
You see...children...as annoying as they are...are still children and many people dont deserve them.
Mutlab...if you dont know how to take care of them...just dont make them. I mean...suno suno khushi ki aahat? Yeah?
Just gona stand there watch me burn?
thats aright because I like the way it hurts=[

Im bored.
I need some excitement in my life.
And by excitement I dont mean someone getting a divorce or running away from home.

But no one in the corner has swagga like us.

Zainab: Uzma baji lets order piza yaar pleeease...

Me: I dont have money.

Zainab: yaaaar aap kar dain naa i'll take money from papa.

Me: get the money first.

Zainab: Uzmaa baaaajiiii...

Me: no one in the corner has swagga like us, swagga like us, swagga swagga like us..

Zainab: oho....UZZMA BAJII

*ten minutes later*

Zainab: ye lain paise aur order karain...

*puts twelve rupees in my hand*


mao said...

awwww..uzma baji, uzma baji, where does your kamai ka paisa go?

*hugs* for zainab

uzme said...

I dint cash the cheque yet:\
But Ive spent more than I earned=[

mao said...

I see :)