Monday, June 7, 2010


I got my first salary today...
Think i'd be happy yea..?
Thats what I thought.

Im addicted to potatoes. And I dont mean oh-I-Just-love-Mr.Potato-and-I-can-eat-them-everyday kinda addiction. Im talking I-dont-eat-potatoes-for-two-days-and-Im-losing-it-on-the-third kind addiction. Meri addictions bhi itni lame hain=[
potatoes, cookies, donalds.....pata nai kia gay pana hai.

I just got my first pay why the hell am I talking about potatoes....?

I.....cant find my excitement anywhere=[

Let me try listening to fifa world cup theme song...or not...its a little too gay.

Oh...I had this awesome dream about cannibals:D
People were eating people rather sophisticatedly...
You cutting them nice into bite size pieces and eating without getting their hands dirty...very well behaved cannibals I must say. Maza aya ^.^

I like Gorillaz=[