Thursday, June 10, 2010

YaYy 19 Again:D

I had this really funny thing in my head...but now its all gone.
I hate it when that happens.
It was so funny...yaad hi nai ara=[
Fifa is here...yaYy:D
I remember during the last world cup we were having our exams....and we would all watch the game instead of studying. Good times.
what was it....?=[
It had something to do with the number 16 I think...

I went to this wedding yesterday...It was one of those weddings were Ladies and Gents sit separately. I kind of really dont like going to one of its not because I dont get to check out guys...I dont. Its more like I cant...cuz Im practically blind without my specs...and you don expect me to wear specs on a sharara now do you? No I dint wear it I was just trying to make a point. Anyway....since it was parted I had to give my mum company cuz my brother and his friend were sitting on the other side. Which was gay. Why do they do that? Is it because they think that women really cover themselves and are shy of men or is it all religion thingie...?

As far as married women are concerned...nobody really cares...they're married so let 'em out.
But if its the first reason let me tell you far as young unmarried girls are concerned...they all have know what that means?
Oh yeah. They've done it.
Now Im not accusing all of them but most. Yes. And by done it I dont mean like sexorwhatever...I mean...ya know...everything else. But bleh that. Now again...just to be clear...Im not saying its "right" or "wrong" cuz its none of my just stating facts here.

I know this girl...we're sort of kind of dooooooooooor key rishtadar sort her family...we're talking hardcore mullahs. The mum gives lectures on Islam the daddy is all Imam like...the girls are all fully covered and always preaching haram halal....and guess what...?
Shes given bj to like five guys....and theres proof and she yeah.
But bleh...none of my concern.

Back to the wedding...
Dont divide the people man....if I go to a wedding with my family...I wana sit with my family.
But the food turned to be really good so Im not that pissed off.

What was that funny thing yaaaar...?
it was so funny=[

P.S. I so totally feel bad-ass using Ctrl+i to italicize the words instead of doing it with a mouse ^.^

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Anonymous said...

You shouldn't assume all girls are like that, maybe you just hang out with a bad crowd.