Sunday, July 25, 2010

*Dan DHan Dhan Dan DHAN*

You know Aamir....remember Amir?
The Office boy dude?
Yea...he got kicked out of the office cuz hes a total jackass...and then he ran away with a girl.
So the other day...this sub-inspector dude came to investigate...and he looked like Nicholas Cage. A younger Nicholas Cage. Like the one in face off. He had his eyes, face cut, and huge forehead. Like the kind which is shiny and gives the impression that the person is bald...but then you stand up and take a closer look and realize that the clean field is still the part of the forehead and not the actual head.
Anyway...he had this BadAss presence. The the kind who has his own background music. Like when he came, I was expecting someone to play "BAd to the Bone" in the background. Like you know...he walked in with his pune dude guy...and I was all "WuOAH" and Danish was all "DAYnM" and Anum was all "HAYyee"...and then it was all...

*Dan DHan Dhan Dan DHAN*

BadAss dude: "Amir idher kaam karta hai?"

*Dan DHan Dhan Dan DHAN*

And I was all: "O__O"

And Anum was all: ":S"

and Danish was all: ":|"

and Hamza waz all: "uh...nai abi nai karta pehley karta tha"

*Dan DHan Dhan Dan DHAN*

and then he was all: "Aap mai se Omer kaun hai?"

*Dan DHan Dhan Dan DHAN*

and I was all: ":O"

and Anum was all: ":S"

and Danish was all: *dont look at me - dont look at me - Im invisible*

and Hamza was all: "uuuuh..."

and Omer was all: *peeking in* Im Omer.

*Dan DHan Dhan Dan DHAN*

and then we all paused our Music players, took out the ear phones, and started listening to the conversation they were having. It was actually fun. I couldnt stop thinking about the guy. He had that scary presence. And that Crocodile look. You know how much I adore Crocodiles. I kept thinking how he beats up people and goes all Bencho doing it. It was an interesting day.

Even though Im not a fan of Nicholas Cage...I think I'd be very excited to meet him.


quartertoinsane said...

dats eventful... its like a movie, only in real life...

uzme said...

Totally ^.^

Rubab said...

More like a star plus serial with individual camera zoom ins on everyone's expressions :o

The Me. said...

Hahah agreed. Totally starplus. With the DHAN DHAN DHAN =p

uzme said...

well...Ekta Kappor's better watch out for me then:\

mao said...

Totally awesome post. so glad something is going on in some office out there!