Friday, July 16, 2010

Despicable me.

My life has been pretty fucked up lately but you wouldnt wana know about that. The temperature of my room is not hot enough for me to complain:\
Anyway, I dont have anything to write.
No new item on my Hate list.
But Im a little irritated with my friends. Well...not really. Im secretly naraaz hoon sab se. But I wont tell them. I dont like fazul ki confrontations...umm...okay never mind. This already sounds boring.
I know Im smart n I really am...not the geek smart but the samajh-daar wala smart. I get that a lot from aunties and people in general. But its not exactly a compliment. Sounds more like a taunt. Like its a bad thing or something. I mean...forgive me for not giggling my life away. So I was saying...I drag too much.

I saw leap year last night...almost.
After five minutes I was like...where the fuck is Shahrukh Khan?
It was a fucked up version of Dil waley dulhanya le jain ge...Remember? Its one of those DDHH and KKHH and K3G movies...Of course you remember. Everyone does. So yeah...the whole time [around fifteen minutes] I was waiting for Shahrukh Khan to pop out from somewhere in the mountains and start singing tujhe dekha to ye jana sanam and it was not pleasant. I hate waiting and I always find myself waiting for something. Emo.
Thank you Danish for wasting fifteen minutes of my precious ha ha:p

My cell is being gay again. It wont connect. Pata nai kia canfused si device hai. Kabhi connect hoti hai and then suddenly it starts giving me errors. So I was saying...why is everyone trying so hard to be different? We're not. We're all the same. With the same traits. Just different degrees. How hard is that to understand?
But I was really excited to see that billboard today...Mc Donalds launched a new meal. But I was very disappointed to see the word "tasty". I dont like that word. Reminds me of tulsi and those horrendous paki mujras. Anyway...Im looking forward to eating it tomorrow. See how exciting my life is?
No no, Im not complaining.
Ayesha itni cute hai and she started talking so now shes cuter=[
If her parents leave her alone with me i'll cook her with potatoes and have her for dinner. I think she'll taste like a calf. But I wouldnt eat Dua. Dua is Ayesha's friend...a few month older. Nice Healthy chubby kid. But I still wouldnt eat her. I have a feeling she tastes like a camel. Cuz she has like red cheeks n all....Im guessing the color of her blood is like that purple-ish red sort...yeah...I doubt if she'll taste good. She'll taste more like qurbaani ka goosht which is found somewhere in the corner of the freezer three months after the qurbaani.
Eid kab ayegi yaawr...I wana buy stuff.


RidZ said...

secretly naraaz hoon sab sey ki bachi!
You don't reply to my texts no more.
Kal bhi kia and aaj bhi.
I don't like you xP

uzme said...

Haan naraaz hoon na:p
also I dont have credit:p